Firethreads are a patent-pending lacrosse lace featuring a new technology called GripPrint. Firethreads are used in place of shooting strings (one straight shooter, one U shooter)

  • GripPrint is a tacky-, grippy-feeling material placed on the lace as dots; when the ball sits against the GripPrint dots, it does not slide around like what often occurs with standard nylon shooters. This provides a noticeable increase in snap when passing and shooting, and also grips greasy, overused lacrosse balls better than nylon alone
  • Firethreads also have subtle elasticity, unlike regular nylons that only give as far as their fibers can withstand without breaking. This characteristic, in conjunction with the GripPrint, increases snap when passing
  • Currently Laxtractive carries the Silverback (white with grey dots) and Fresno State (blue with white dots) varieties of Firethreads.