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I am not accepting orders currently.

I am currently working on a new website that will make taking orders more streamlined. I am not accepting any orders unless they are a team order (must be 10 heads or more). If this message is still up, it means I am not accepting orders.

Please do not contact me unless:

-You are interested in a team order in the future

-You have a gift certificate

-You are interested in promoting Laxtractive or using Laxtractive to promote your product or brand

I will not be holding a queue for orders. Please visit my YouTube if you want a tutorial for how to string your own wlax pocket. Thank you for understanding I need time to make this new website, and accepting orders in the meantime would greatly slow the process. It kills me to deny orders but I wouldn't do this unless it's absolutely necessary.

If you need a pocket asap, visit www.2Lacrosse.com or contact @fossyhola on Instagram. These are friends of mine that will be happy to help you out.

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