I am not accepting orders currently.

I am currently working on a new website that will make taking orders more streamlined. I am not accepting any orders unless they are a team order (must be 10 heads or more).  If this message is still up, it means I am not accepting orders. 

Please do not contact me unless:

-You are interested in a team order in the future

-You have a gift certificate

-You are interested in promoting Laxtractive or using Laxtractive to promote your product or brand

I will not be holding a queue for orders. Please visit my YouTube if you want a tutorial for how to string your own wlax pocket. Thank you for understanding I need time to make this new website, and accepting orders in the meantime would greatly slow the process. It kills me to deny orders but I wouldn't do this unless it's absolutely necessary. 

If you need a pocket asap, visit 2Lacrosse or contact @fossyhola on Instagram. These are friends of mine that will be happy to help you out.

What You Do:

  1. Purchase your desired stringing
  2. Email your order information
  3. Send me your lax head(s)
  4. That's it; wait for email updates

1: Purchase your desired stringing style:  

  • a TRADITIONALLY STRUNG pocket (e.g. pita pocket) is $35 + Shipping $9
  • a pocket with a CENTER RUNNER (e.g. Launch, Runway, etc.) is $30 + Price of Runner (not applicable if you include it) + $9 Shipping
  • a TRAD-MESH pocket is $30 + Mesh $10 (not applicable if you include it) + $9 Shipping
If you have the center runner or mesh already, please include it in the package.
If you do not have the center runner, please purchase it online and have it sent to my address (you may directly send me heads from websites as well).

2: Contact me laxtractive@gmail.com with the form on the product's page filled out; I recommend copy and pasting into the email A-D:

I DO NOT STRING LADDER/RAIL POCKETS, here's why: I have gotten many ladder/rail pockets sent to me (strung by other stringers/stringing companies) that are in complete disrepair. In order for me to string a ladder pocket from scratch, I must tie a series of single knots along the middle two leathers. These knots come undone easily and quickly without the use of super glue, and even then they still come undone with frequent use and also the glue quickly ruins the quality of the leather. I mean no disrespect to those that string ladder pockets, I simply will not string them. If you purchase the patented RAIL Pocket (R) (has plastic pieces instead of super-glued knots) from a third-party, I WILL string that because it is much more durable, and you may purchase it as a Center Runner Pocket under "I'll Send a Runner."

*Your strung head will be posted on my Instagram, @laxtractive, please include your username if you want to be tagged. Feel free to mention current team, accolades, etc. for me to mention in the post.*

**Firethreads Silverback (white with grey dots) and Fresno State (blue with white dots) are now available as shooting strings! Learn more about Firethreads by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking "What are Firethreads"

3: Send me your unstrung head:

Please carefully cut the strings out of the head unless you want me to reuse the center runner and do not send it with the handle attached.

4: That's it!
I will let you know via email when I receive it and when I send it back out; I will send a picture of the completed stringing as well.


  • Women's Pocket Cost
A TRADITIONALLY STRUNG (e.g. pita pocket) women's pocket has a flat rate of $35 plus return shipping ($9).

A  CENTER RUNNER pocket is $25 plus $9 return shipping.
The flat rate includes cost of various strings used and 2 leather runners (recommended for better channeling of the ball for increased accuracy). 

 The stringing usually will be completed in 1-5 days after initially receiving the parcel.

I have a few colors of STX Launch and STX Runway available upon request if you do not mind paying market cost. I also have white Brine Paramount center runners and white DeBeer Gripper center runners available for no additional cost :)

Sample Order: (1) Traditional Restring $35 + $9 Return Shipping = $44

Sample Order: (1) Runway Restring (Runway included in package) $25 + $9 Return Shipping= $34

Sample Order: (1) Launch Restring $25 + (1) Launch Center Runner $20 + Return Shipping $9 = $53 Total


  • Shipping

$9 charge covers USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day) 


  • Team Orders
I would be happy to offer discounted stringing and/or dyes at just 5 heads for a team order minimum. Contact laxtractive@gmail.com for free quotes.


  • Please be 100% sure of the exact color strings you want!
 I put time and effort into making my pockets as functional and attractive as possible; it is frustrating for me to unstring a pocket to swap out colors, but I will do it for $20. I am more than happy to "freestyle" a pocket (that is, you tell me the colors you want and I'll put them together as I see fit), but once I do this, if you want me to change around the colors afterwards (excluding shooting strings), it will be an additional $20.  Please double check the colors you want and where you want them (if necessary) before you place your order.