I am not accepting orders currently.

I am currently working on a new website that will make taking orders more streamlined. I am not accepting any orders unless they are a team order (must be 10 heads or more).  If this message is still up, it means I am not accepting orders. 

Please do not contact me unless:

-You are interested in a team order in the future

-You have a gift certificate

-You are interested in promoting Laxtractive or using Laxtractive to promote your product or brand

I will not be holding a queue for orders. Please visit my YouTube if you want a tutorial for how to string your own wlax pocket. Thank you for understanding I need time to make this new website, and accepting orders in the meantime would greatly slow the process. It kills me to deny orders but I wouldn't do this unless it's absolutely necessary. 

If you need a pocket asap, visit 2Lacrosse or contact @fossyhola on Instagram. These are friends of mine that will be happy to help you out.

Lacrosse Head Dyeing

Dyes are priced by hours committed to the dyeing process with a base cost of $25. This means complex dyes like a galaxy dye that take 4-5 hours of time will have a cost that reflects that, usually around $40-$50. Simple dyes like fades are closer to or at base cost of $25. If you purchase a dye, a restring is discounted to $20 flat plus price of the center runner if applicable and shipping. DO NOT purchase a restring as a product; you will pay for everything in one transaction via a PayPal request. 

Want detailed designs like school mascots, names/numbers, patterns, etc?

I can do that! But again, the cost will be a reflection of the hours involved in printing the vinyl decal(s) and applying it. Lengthy designs that require steady concentration with decal application are: patterns (e.g. inside-out dye) and very detailed, small image dyes with multiple colors. 

THE HEAD IDEALLY SHOULD BE WHITE, however colored heads are dyeable with a limited color palette. The darker the color, the less color options available. Black heads cannot be dyed. If you have a blue head that you want to be galaxy-dyed it will be darker and have less color variety than the standard galaxy dye.*

Please be sure of the design you want!

I cannot un-dye a head or change colors once a head is dyed, please be sure of the design before you confirm it with me.

Sample Order: Head is a white STX Crux

(1) Yellow to black marble-fade dye w/ player number $30 + (1) Restring $20 + Return Shipping $9 = $59 Total

What You Do

  1. Email me : laxtractive@gmail.com with a description of the stringing and/or dyeing you would like, the more details the better. 
  2. Pay : the Paypal invoice which includes agreed-upon price and cost of return shipping (usually $9 USPS. Note: If you are not comfortable paying the invoice upfront, you can wait until after the head is dyed to pay it. Invoice must however be paid BEFORE the head is sent back. I do accept check  and cash as well.
  3. Send : your head and materials (if desired) to me. I appreciate if you clean off any ball-burns or dirt beforehand, as dirt interferes with the dyeing process. Soap and water or some rubbing alcohol work wonders!

That's it! I will dye and/or string up your head and return it to you via USPS. Please check your email as I prefer to send a few pictures of the complete product before I send it back. I will send you tracking information as well.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions if I do not address everything here. Thanks!