After a 10-year career playing women's lacrosse, I started working at a local lacrosse shop in San Diego. It was there I became obsessed with learning and improving my women's lacrosse stringing for the youth athletes in the area. I remembered how frustrating it was to learn cradling with a stiff unresponsive pocket, and I wanted to give them something better.

Now, 3 years later. I have strung hundreds of lacrosse sticks for people across the country and a few outside of it. My stringing has been used by novices, varsity players, NCAA D1 athletes, and even professionals, however I have never sent in a pocket to USL for legality review. I string my pockets to the standards described in the USL HS or NCAA (or FIL if necessary) rule book and have never received notice or complaint that any of my pockets have been illegal. I am happy to talk further about this if you have any questions. 

 I showcase my work primarily on Instagram @laxtractive  and  my youtube, hoping my pictures and videos will show players that women's lacrosse does not have to be as difficult as the sticks make it.

I would be nowhere without the continuous support of the lacrosse community, and I thrive on constructive criticism. If you have any questions, comments, or critiques, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Using Laxtractive Stringing and Dyes:

Christina Esposito: Long Island Sound Pro

CSU Fresno: NCAA Division 1 

Bryant University: Division 1

Arizona State: Division 1

Madonna University: NCAA Division 2

Pomona-Pitzer: NCAA Division 3

Whittier University: NCAA Division 3

Milton High School: 11x Georgia State Champs